Is Your Industry on the Email Naughty List?

We’re several weeks into Q4 and the holiday season is just around the corner. Email marketers in every corner of the e-commerce space are reviewing their data, eyeing their conversion targets, and brainstorming ideas to wring more revenue out of the next few months.
On the other side of the SMTP conversation, mailbox providers are anticipating a siege of holiday volume, increased phishing and spoofing, and overloaded mailbox users.
It’s commonly reported that deliverability declines during the holidays. Return Path’s recent “2017 Deliverability Benchmark” report indicates that some industries are more susceptible to increased spam folder placement at the end of the year. Anecdotally, I spend much of my Q4 working with brands that have found their ROI in shambles thanks to tanking inbox placement.
For this post, I wanted to spend some time digging into the data to determine how deliverability trends progress throughout Q4 and whether some industries are differentially impacted. I focused specifically on industries that rely heavily on a successful holiday season to hit their revenue targets.
The following industries were included in my analysis:

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