Groups Against Building Islamic Republic Embassy Reach Out to Prince Charles for His Anti-Modern Powers

One angle this writer hadn’t considered during this two year-long kerfuffle between Prince Charles and architect Richard Rogers, where the former was able to kill off a project by the latter because of his strong anti-modernism leanings is, to some people, an ability the Prince might be considered useful for. In something like the debate playing out in New York over building a mosque nearby the World Trade Center site, groups in West London have been fighting to get plans scrapped for a proposed new Islamic Republic embassy there. Though far more focused on their not liking the modernism of the building itself, instead of all the hostility here which seems much more anti-religion, the tone of pieces like this one in the Telegraph seems to elude that it’s not all just about the building there either. But sticking with the anti-modernism of it, the groups against building something “clad in marble and stone” and featuring “an overarching rhomboid with a bright yellow square structure beneath” in their particularly conservative, very Victorian neighborhood, have decided to turn to Prince Charles to help use his influence in getting the project canned. That he would step in shortly after being so criticized, even through an official judicial ruling seems unlikely, but again: the guy a) sure loves to hate modernism and b) seems more than happy to talk about it, so we’ll see how it pans out.