Got Coffee? Editors, Writers & Media Folks Named One of Top Professions to Drink Coffee

A new survey conducted by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder showed the top ten professions relying on coffee.

We admit, when we read this headline on the CareerBuilder site, we couldn’t help but chuckle.

Of course, media professionals would be on this list! Who else is up until all hours of the night burning the midnight oil or cranking out deadline after deadline like it’s nobody’s business.

Guess what? We were right.

Check out these statistics: 63 percent of coffee guzzlers drink two cups or more each day and 28 percent drink three cups or more!

In addition to media professionals, food preparation/service workers, scientists, sales representatives, marketing/public relation professionals, nurses, business executives, teachers, engineer technicians and IT managers rounded out the list. Considering PR folks are inextricably linked to the media anyway, it’s no surprise either to see our pals with their jolt of java either.

Interestingly enough, the survey broke down results by age and geography. For instance, 62 percent of Millennials surveyed indicated they are less productive without coffee and 58 percent of Gen Y respondents revealed the same detail.

Geographically speaking, 64 percent of survey respondents in the northeast consume at least one cup of Joe per day whereas 54 percent drink in the south and 52 percent drink it in the midwest and west.

Let’s not forget the male/female factor: Forty percent of men say they’re less productive without coffee whereas 47 percent of women said they’re less productive without their caffeine. The survey was conducted from mid-August until early September and included 4,100 employees nationwide.