Facebook Careers Postings: Mobile, Fraud, São Paulo, Austin, Asia And More

Facebook continues to focus on staffing its overseas offices, according to jobs posted to the Careers Page and LinkedIn. Jobs in Dublin, Austin, Texas, São Paulo, Brazil, Hong Kong and Singapore were added this week, as was an interesting position for Manager of Mobile Analytics. The company is looking for someone “obsessed with data” to fill this job, based in Palo Alto, Calif., to really innovate in the mobile analytics arena; this person will mine data and extract insights, must have a math or science degree, 5 or more years of experience and be a “data junkie.”

Posts added this week on Facebook’s Careers Page:

  • Manager, Mobile Analytics
  • Partner Engineer – Platform (Paris)
  • Law Enforcement Response Analyst, French (Dublin)
  • Business Intelligence Developer 1103001
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Financial Analyst – Information Technology
  • Lead, Data Warehouse Operations
  • Outbound Product Marketing Manager, Ads
  • Strategic Partner Development, Entertainment
  • Outbound Product Marketing Manager, Ads
  • Fraud Analyst (Dublin)
  • Fraud Specialist (Dublin)
  • Operational Data Analyst (Austin)
  • Payments Analyst
  • Account Manager, Online Sales Operations (Sao Paulo)
  • Agency Account Manager – Direct Response / SEM, Online Sales Operations (Austin)
  • Online Operations Training Specialist (Austin)
  • Agency Team Lead, Online Sales Operations (Austin)
  • Account Executive, Commercial Development (London)
  • Sales Associate (Sao Paulo)
  • Sales Development and Program Manager (New York)
  • Sales Development and Program Manager (Palo Alto)

Jobs posted by Facebook on LinkedIn:

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