Dachis Group Unveils New Social Tool

Rolls out Social Performance Monitor app to help scrutinize data

Last fall, social media agency Dachis Group launched Social Business Index, a free-to-the-public database that ranks companies and brands by how social they are in real time (Today, News Corp. is No. 1 and National Amusements Inc., a movie theater chain, is No. 2.). More than 600 hundred companies signed up to use the free aspects of Social Business Index to understand the characteristics of their social audience, to benchmark social media performance against competitors and to manage social accounts and communications between them within their organizations.

The company on Tuesday rolled out the next step, a paid application called Social Performance Monitor. It’s a data dump, synthesized. Subscribers, which already include Red Bull and Target, will have the ability to group social data around specific brand marketing business outcomes like brand awareness, brand love, mindshare or the way advocates push their brand, said Jeffrey Dachis, the firm’s founder.

“It is a lens onto the enormous amount of data we’re collecting and surfacing a variety of insights that that data provides,” he said. Those insights track 30,000 brands owned by 25,000 companies across hundreds of social signals, he said.

“We don’t think anyone else has the depth, size, scale or breadth that we’re talking about here,” Dachis said. “The way the data structures are built is different from someone measuring likes and followers.”

In the coming year, the company will launch more paid applications related to the Social Business Index, including a content monitor that helps subscribers divine insights into what content is performing best and why, and a conversation analysis, which tracks the conversations and participation that resonates best and has the largest effect.