Bret Terrill, Charles Hudson Moving On After Zynga Acquisition of Serious Business

After Zynga announced its acquisition of Serious Business this morning, a couple of business development execs from the two companies have independently announced that they are leaving their respective firms to pursue new opportunities.

Charles Hudson, formerly VP of Business Development at Serious Business, said today that he is moving on to pursue new opportunities now that the acquisition is closed. Hudson is also the co-author of our Inside Virtual Goods market research reports, and recently sold his conference business to WebMediaBrands, where he remains a consultant.

“I’m very excited about what Serious Business and Zynga will be able to achieve together. Working with the team at Serious Business for the last year and a half has been a great experience and I’m really going to miss everyone over there. Having spent time with the team at Zynga, I’m really impressed by what they’ve been able to put together in a really short time and I walked away with a new-found respect for how well they’re operating and how they think about building and monetizing social games,” Hudson said.

“Ultimately, though, I wanted to be part of a smaller enterprise and be an integral part of starting something new. In addition to staying involved in my conference business following the acquisition that closed in December, I’m exploring a few great opportunities and should have something to announce later this spring.”

Bret Terrill, formerly Senior Director of Corporate Development at Zynga, told us today in Hamburg, Germany that he is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities, but has not finalized what those are yet.

“When I joined Zynga, I joined because I knew it was a company that was going to win,” Terrill says. “It looks like, for all intents and purposes, that that’s true. Having been through that process, I wanted to move on to other opportunities where I can be more impactful. I’m not sure what that is yet. At a company with 800 people, that opportunity gets smaller, and I just want to keep adding value.”

“Leaving Zynga was very hard for me. I think what I learned most during my time at Zynga was how to run a successful startup from Mark [Pincus] – you can’t get any better. Watching Mark and the management team has been fantastic. Mark always says life is too short to struggle – if you’re going to pursue something, you need to do it fully. I know Zynga will continue to dominate the industry. Zynga currently is larger than its next 30 competitors combined. My personal professional highlights working at Zynga were the MyMiniLife and Serious Business acquisitions. It’s too soon to see how [the SB acquisition] will go, but I wanted to go out strong.”

Terrill says he’s going to “brief vacation and see where my opportunities are, but I don’t know what those are yet.”