Bieber Says Sen. Klobuchar Should Be ‘Put Away’

The star checks YouTube for fans singing his songs

Justin Bieber got his start on YouTube singing other people's copyrighted songs. So when he was asked on a Washington, D.C., radio show about one of the online piracy bills in Congress that would make it a felony to stream copyrighted material, the singer quickly became a politician.

Taking aim at Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., a sponsor of the Commercial Felony Streaming Act, Bieber responded, "Whomever she is, she needs to know that I'm saying she needs to be locked up—put away in cuffs. . . . I just think that's ridiculous."

Fight for the Future has quickly adopted Bieber as its poster child, even launching a website.

In his interview on Hot 99.5, Bieber says he's comfortable with people singing his songs and posting them on the Web. "Are you kidding me? I check YouTube all the time and watch people singing my songs," said Bieber. "I think it's awesome."

Proponents of digital piracy bills aren't worried about the Bieber factor. "I think they're getting desperate," said Steve Tepp, chief IP counsel, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.