Best Apps

In the fickle world of apps, here are Adweek's latest obsessions—in music, maps, social, shopping & more

In the past few years, GIFs have become a ubiquitous form of social content. Now, with Twitter’s new mobile sharing app, everybody can make a GIF-like video. Experts predict Vine will become the next big social networking sensation.


Yahoo’s under-the-radar social TV app—complete with the ability to share TV screen grabs—has the best shot outside Twitter of becoming the second-screen companion app for the tube.


Mobile apps abound, but Prismatic, a personalized news aggregator, stands out for its intuition. Swipe to read, then hold down any part of the screen to save, share or recommend. As Steve Jobs would say, it just works.


Formerly Read It Later, this has become the premier on-the-go bookmarking app. Seamlessly integrated with browsers like Chrome, Pocket’s sleek interface helps consumers catch up on the deluge of Web content as it remains easy on the eyes. At Bat

Used to be if you didn’t live in the same city as your team, you were out of luck. Now, with its integration, MLB At Bat lets you obsessively track every ball, strike, bunt and Eephus pitch during any team’s 162-game campaign.


Who knew the car service business needed disruption? Uber has become the transportation of choice for the digerati, particularly those who can’t get a cab in Brooklyn.

Google Maps

Our long national is-this-the-right-interstate nightmare is over. Apple and Google fought. Apple Maps happened. Then Google Maps came back better than ever—and we found our way home from wherever Apple Maps took us.

Remember the Milk

This app manages personal to-do lists and work-related tasks, sending reminders via email, text message and instant message on one’s mobile phone. So no more excuses about forgetting to stop by the market. (Husbands, rejoice!)


Vast iTunes collections and playlists are fantastic, but for many, all-you-can-eat music with no commitment is just about perfect. Plus, Spotify’s social effect helps bring back radio-like discovery.


Those who fondly remember have been waiting for Seamless. Order from thousands of restaurants anytime of day. So now, if you want Korean barbecue at midnight, there’s an app for that.


Want to know whether you can afford that two-bathroom apartment the broker is showing you? A quick look at’s app, which makes personal finance easy to track and visually appealing, tells you all you need to know.

Square Wallet

A cashless, credit card-free society is a long way off. But an app that lets you buy coffee at Starbucks with your phone is a major step forward.