Apple's Jonathan Ive Very Quietly Helps Out on Pixar's New 'Wall-E' Film

Interesting story we found by way of Firstshowing over at Fortune: “Apple and Eve.” In it, we learn that Apple‘s design head and all-around sacred idol, Jonathan Ive, pitched in a bit to help out on some of the character designs in the upcoming new Pixar film, Wall-E. While it sounds like he didn’t wind up doing much, just nodding his head in agreement a lot when looking at character sketches and pieces of the film, one can’t help but notice that the character Eve in the film (not that any of us have seen the picture yet — so we’ll all just working off supplied screengrabs here), looks like it has the body of an upside down old model iMac and follows the general Apple white-on-white aesthetics. But thanks for a billion knock-offs, nearly every piece of technology looks like that now days, all because of Ive and his work with the computer company, so who are we to make assumptions? Anyway, here’s a bit: