Al Gore Reinvents the Book

New tablet publishing makes reading interactive

Push Pop Press, the brainchild of two former Apple engineers, just got a boost from an innovative former U.S. vice president. After having "invented the Internet," Al Gore is back to reinvent the book.

Push Pop Press is a digital tool taking books to the next level, making them even more virtually integrated than their current iterations available on e-readers. The app version of Gore’s book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, illustrates what the creators of Push Pop Press, Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris, are trying to accomplish. To read Gore’s book on an iPad is a mutli-sensory experience, compelling the reader to flip through photos, watch videos, and interact with infographics that augment the text.

Reinventing content for iPads and Android-driven devices makes monetary sense for newspapers and magazines that can charge advertisers larger sums than online publication. But the clear path to increased revenues for publishers remains to be seen. Though apps, like ones produced through Push Pop Press, allow programmers to capitalize on the iPad’s sensor, touch screen, microphone, diagram, and geotag technology, tapping into these resources requires traditional publishers to shell out more money than may be returned in book sales.