’s Top 10 Technology Stories of 2011

Yahoo and AOL, the ongoing mobile revolution, and the best technologists in the business

Here are the 10 most-read technology stories published on in 2011:


  1. Yahoo Alumni on What Went Wrong

    Weak culture, bloated middle management among top criticisms

    By Ki Mae Heussner

    For board members at the top of the company, the problem with Yahoo may have been outgoing CEO Carol Bartz, but people with experience on the ground say the situation is much more complicated.

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  2. Hot List: Digital

    Facebook and Spotify are among the year's hottest digital media companies

    By Erin Griffith, Anthony Ha, Ki Mae Heussner, D.M. Levine

    Call it a bully, a new paradigm, a blessing, a curse—whatever you call Facebook, its presence and power is undeniable. Today the social network has more than 800 million members and is expected to more than double ad revenue to $3.8 billion by the end of this year. By the end of 2012, Facebook, which has a Klout score of 80 and won the Readers’ Choice poll for top social site, could control nearly 20 percent of all U.S. display ad revenue.

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  3. AOL Huddles With Top M&A Team

    But CEO Armstrong denies any deal in the works

    By Ki Mae Heussner

    AOL has retained two of the biggest names in mergers and acquisitions, law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and investment banking company Allen & Company LLC. A team from those firms, including Wachtell, Lipton founding partner Martin Lipton and Allen & Co. managing director Nancy Peretsman, met with AOL executives at the company's Manhattan offices Wednesday, Adweek has learned.

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  4. Welcome to the Stream

    Web 2.0 is dead, eclipsed by data-driven content and 'live' feeds. Can media and marketers adapt to the Net's next phase?

    By Chip Bayers

    The future of the Internet has a branding problem: It's here, but no one knows what to call it.

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  5. The 10 Most Popular Mobile Purchases

    Jumptap, comScore study looks at mobile commerce trends

    By Ki Mae Heussner

    Tablets may be good for watching movies or reading books, but it looks like consumers are increasingly using it for something else, too: shopping.

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  6. Google Pushing Advertisers to Build for Mobile

    Search giant giving boost to ads that link to mobile-friendly sites

    By Anthony Ha

    Google is giving mobile advertisers yet another nudge as it attempts to make them more mobile-friendly.

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  7. A Second Act for Tech Luminaries

    Silicon Valley startups are getting funded for the cred of the people behind them

    By Anthony Ha

    The founders of some big successes in digital media have returned to the world of scrappy startups—but not in the traditional way. Instead, they're launching companies intended to embody the maxim that venture capitalists fund people, not ideas.

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  8. Google AdWords Redesign Looks Beyond Keywords

    Company announces new dynamic ads for search

    By Anthony Ha

    Google is about to take what it calls "a whole new approach" to search advertising, the foundation of its massive revenues.

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  9. Killing the Click

    Moat measures engagement by tracking 'mouse hovering'

    By Erin Griffith

    What was once digital advertising's dirty little secret is now its big, ugly problem. Online ad performance figures are dismal: less than 1 percent of Web surfers click on display ads, brand dollars have yet to shift online proportionate to usage, and no one can agree on how exactly to measure ad impressions.

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  10. The Top 10 Technologists

    'Adweek' highlights talent working in digital agencies, traditional shops, and for themselves

    By Ann Forbes Cooper

    Until recently, programmers were the unsung heroes behind the technical wizardry gracing anything with a screen. Now, however, we know better: It's a geek world and we just live in it. As R/GA's John Mayo-Smith says, "Programmers are the new copywriters and art directors of the digital age." Here, we highlight an array of talent working in digital agencies and traditional shops, as well as the outlier freelancer. Welcome to your leaders.

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