Acer Plans to Ship Android Tablet in 4Q2010 with Old Version of Android

Android tablets seem to be one of those products that everyone has an announcement for but no one has actually delivered anything substantial. Yes, I know about the Archos Home Internet Tablet (I cancelled my pre-order after learning it shipped with Android OS 1.5 and did not provide multi-touch). And, yes, I’ve read about the various Android tablets by companies I’ve never heard of and will probably never hear of again. But, where are the big names? Dell Streak anyone? HP Slate? Lenovo anything? Toshiba? Panasonic? Asus? How about Acer? Well, DigiTimes reports that:

Acer to offer 7-, 10-inch tablet PCs in 4Q10

Fourth quarter? Apple will probably have sold somewhere between 7 and 10 million iPads by then. Isn’t that a little late? There’s more bad news:

1. Acer is talking with mobile telecom carriers for cooperation to market the two models. Yes, that’s right, if these every appear in the U.S., you will probably need to sign a two-year contract (or be caught in some weird monthly loop like iPad 3G owners) and pay for yet another 3G data plan.

2. The Acer tablets will ship with Android OS 2.2. This might seem like good news until you consider that Google is planning to deliver Android OS 3.0 in that time frame. So, Acer will ship an old version of Android with the tablet.