231 Million People Talked About Pokemon Go on Facebook in July

Spurred 1.1 billion interactions

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

When Pokemon Go became a viral sensation last month, people turned to Facebook and Instagram to talk about it.

In the newest installment of Adweek's ongoing monthly series that tracks the buzziest topics on Facebook and Instagram, the social network found that 231 million people engaged in 1.1 billion interactions that mentioned Pokemon Go on Facebook for the month of July. While the chatter about the video game was split evenly between men and women, more women posted content about Pokemon anime and its television show on both platforms.

Posts about Sony Pictures' Ghostbusters reboot was also buzzy on both Facebook and Instagram.

Political-related chatter about the GOP Convention and Democratic National Convention was unsurprisingly high, particularly posts about Melania Trump and Michelle Obama. Buzz about Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was also high on both platforms. And posts about Senator Ted Cruz were more popular on Facebook, while Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein was more prominent on Instagram.

Take a more detailed look at how chatter stacks up on both platforms in the expandable charts below.







@laurenjohnson lauren.johnson@adweek.com Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.