Twitter Developer Labs to Ride Off Into the Sunset Oct. 31

Twitter API v2 marked the end of its mission

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Twitter Developer Labs and all of its remaining endpoints will be no more as of Oct. 31.

Staff developer advocate Suhem Parack said in a blog post that the original purpose of Twitter Developer Labs was for the platform to build the next generation of its application-programming interface alongside its developer community, and with Twitter API v2 now serving the majority of developer use cases, its mission is complete.

He wrote, “Maintaining Twitter Developer Labs requires energy that can best serve our developer community if repurposed toward innovation on the Twitter API v2. Replacements for these endpoints have been available on the Twitter API v2 for some time, and we’re committed to making migration from these Labs features easy.”

Parack said developers using the labs/2/tweets endpoints are encouraged to adopt the v2 tweet lookup endpoint, with a migration guide available here, and developers using the labs/2/users endpoints are encouraged to adopt the v2 user lookup endpoint, with a migration guide available here.

He added that Twitter reached out to qualified developers currently using the Twitter Developer Labs Covid-19 stream and granted them access to Twitter API v2 so that their research can continue.