Tumblr Extends Tips to Blog Level

Users were previously only able to tie gifts to specific posts

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Tumblr updated its Tips feature to enable users to Tip on the blog level, rather than tying the Tip to a specific story.

The platform said in a blog post Thursday, “This is a win-win. If you’re a fan of someone’s blog and forever loving their content and creations, well, you can tell them how much you like their style. If you’re a creator, you can receive monetary appreciation from your peers via Tipping, well, just for being you.”

Bloggers can sign up for Tipping and then share their blog’s Tipping URL at /blog/view/Your-Blog’s-name/tip, with the Tip button becoming available in the blog view header.

To Tip a creator, Tumblr users can select Tip from the blog view header or Support on mobile, and then specify the amount they are giving.

Tumblr Tips rolled out in the U.S. last February, enabling community members to share up to $100 with creators, anonymously if they desire, with Tumblr not receiving any portion of those payments, although third-party services could still take their cut.

Tumblr Tips is separate from the Post+ subscription feature for creators that the platform began testing in July 2021.