The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg on Subscription Strategy, Editorial Values and Interviewing Obama

The editor in chief spoke at Adweek Elevate: Publishing this week

Adweek's Stephanie Paterik spoke with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg. Adweek

This year has, in turn, squeezed and stretched thin every newsroom across the country. The sudden halt to live, in-person events in the spring—something that many publishers have turned to as an additional form of revenue in the past few years as ad money is siphoned off by social platforms—levied a blow that was felt across the industry. At the same time, advertisers were getting cold feet regarding the news of the day, using keyword block lists as a clunky tool to avoid advertising alongside Covid-19 content—which has been splattered across every news outlet’s front page since March. (After news organizations and experts pushed back against this keyword blocking strategy, it was significantly limited.)

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