LinkedIn Rolls Out Company Engagement Report

The new tool helps inform b-to-b marketers on its platform

The Company Engagement Report enables marketers to meet three objectives: know, focus and understand LinkedIn

LinkedIn this week unveiled a new Company Engagement Report option to better inform brands engaging in business-to-business account-based marketing on its platform.

Principal product manager Jae Oh explained in a blog post, “One of the key strengths of LinkedIn as a b-to-b marketing channel, especially under an ABM framework, is that members are inherently tied to where they work (not to mention their job titles and functions).”

The professional network’s new Company Engagement Report tracks the following metrics for target accounts:

  • Total engagement level: The sum of ad engagement, organic engagement and website visits, divided by the number of members targeted and benchmarked across companies marketed to on LinkedIn.
  • Members targeted: The number of members who work at the company and have been targeted by a campaign.
  • Total ad engagement: The number of likes, comments, clicks, shares and video views (counted if members viewed at least 25% of the video), including paid ads and ads that are virally shared.
  • Total organic engagement: The total number of interactions with posts from the user’s organization’s LinkedIn page.
  • Total website visits: The total number of times members visited the web page tied to the user’s LinkedIn Insight Tag.

Oh said the information supplied by the Company Engagement Report enables marketers to meet three objectives: know, focus and understand—know they are reaching the people who make and influence business decisions, focus on companies in need of sales and marketing outreach and understand how ads and organic content are resonating with those audiences.

He explained, “For example, you can view Impressions to see whether your ads are being viewed by the individuals you want to see them. If not, make quick adjustments to your bid, budget or ad targeting. Or, you can use the holistic engagement level metric to see which accounts may be deserving of extra attention and emphasis. Drilling down, if you find disparities between organic and paid engagement within a specific company, consider turning to LinkedIn tools such as campaign performance, Website Demographics or content suggestions to improve results and maximize the targeted impact of your ad spend.”

Oh concluded, “It’s all about helping you definitively answer that age-old question: ‘Is this working?,’ and take the right steps in accordance. If you find that your approach is driving high engagement with an account, you might find it’s time to take the next step by reaching out directly to primed decision makers via LinkedIn messaging. If not, there are plenty of tweaks to be made and levers to be pulled to get on track.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.