How to Handle Social Media This Inauguration Week

It's about constant reevaluation

phone capitol hill
Consider turning off paid media for the inauguration. Getty Images

It seems like more and more, today’s social media managers are tasked with making game-time decisions in extremely heavy situations. On the precipice of the inauguration (and not even two weeks past the attack on the Capitol), social leaders are gearing up for what is sure to be another stressful, tense week that could require last minute actions for their brand platforms. Figuring out if—and what—to post in the midst of a crisis is anything but simple, and a poorly timed social post can tarnish even the best of brands. As social media managers prep for the uncertain week and year ahead, here are a few tactics that can help amidst the chaos. 

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Alex Kalbli leads global social at TE Connectivity and is an Adweek Mentee.