Clubhouse Unveils 4 New Features

Clips, Replays, Universal Search, spatial audio for Android

Clips enable users to create and share 30-second moments from pubic roomsClubhouse

Social audio application Clubhouse shared progress with some of its existing features Thursday and introduced four new ones.

Clubhouse said it reached 1 billion messages sent via its Backchannel direct messaging feature, which debuted in July, as well as seeing 700,000 rooms created per day, up from 300,000 in May.

As for the new wrinkles, Clubhouse began rolling out Clips in beta to a small group of creators Thursday.


Clips enable users to create and share 30-second moments from pubic rooms on Clubhouse, as well as on other platforms such as Facebook, iMessage, Twitter and WhatsApp.

They can also be saved to camera roll for editing prior to sharing.

When someone starts a public room on Clubhouse, they can choose whether or not to enable Clips. The feature will be turned on by default, and it can be toggled off at any time. It is not available for club, private or social rooms.

When a Clubhouse user is in a room with Clips enabled, they will see a small scissor icon, which they can tap to capture the last 30 seconds or that room.

Clips will feature the room name, club name, audio from the room and a visual depicting who is speaking.

Clubhouse said it is developing the feature to enable creators to share great moments and grow their audiences, adding in a blog post Thursday, “We also know that here on the internet, humans are going to human, so Clubhouse will be watching and learning how people use the feature and making some under-the-hood adjustments to limit bad actors’ ability to misuse the feature.”

Next month, Clubhouse will introduce the ability for creators to record a room, save it to their profile or club and download it for sharing outside of the Clubhouse app.

Creators and moderators will have full control over the decision of whether or not to enable the feature, known as Replays, and they can also determine how long the content will be discoverable on Clubhouse.

The company wrote, “Replays make it trivially easy to create great audio content, get discovered by others and grow your audience over time. There are a lot of details we want to get right here, so we are going to be testing and continuing to develop this feature in the wild for a few more weeks, and we plan to roll out access to creators and community members beginning in October.”

Universal Search began rolling out on Android and iOS Thursday, and it enables users to discover relevant live and scheduled rooms by typing a keyword or name into the search bar.

Clubhouse said it will remain in the app’s Explore tab for the first week or two while it gathers feedback and improves results, at which point it will move to the hallway.


Finally, spatial audio, which debuted for iOS users at the beginning of the month, is now available on Android, as well.

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