AMC Coverage, Part 2

Another highlight this morning was the “Getting Into ‘Leadershape’ in the Digital Era” presentation by Robert Eichinger, CEO of Lominger International. Eichinger dazzled attendees with all sorts of statistical evidence that way more M&A deals fail to achieve the goals of the buyer than do achieve them, and that central to this problem is a lack of understanding of change management. In a session really targeted at the c-level execs in attendance, his revelations included: jobs are getting bigger, faster, more difficult and more complex; the supply of talent is getting smaller due largely to retiring baby boomers; most organizations will lose around 50 percent of their management in the next five to seven years due to retirement; and, as a result, younger people will be moving into “bigger jobs sooner.” An average of six years sooner, in fact, than their predecessors, and with an average of two fewer jobs of experience, he says.