[Update] Zynga’s game traffic reveals likely sunset candidates

Part of Mark Pincus’s company-wide email yesterday revealed that Zynga is planning to sunset 13 of its under-performing games. This was also mentioned during today’s earnings call, but the company is keeping mum on exactly which games will be shut down. Looking at the company’s games traffic, though, we might know which titles are going to disappear soon.

Our traffic-tracking service AppData shows Zynga currently has 91 apps in its catalog, several of which appear to be defunct. We revisited all of the titles with over 1,000 daily active users to see if any were already shut down or unavailable from mobile app stores. None of the active games contained messages about their impending closure.

Our search reveals a total of three games have been taken offline. Mafia Wars 2  is completely gone from Facebook; there’s not even a game canvas on the page any more. Meanwhile, FrontierVille redirects users into Pioneer Trail and Zynga Poker drops players into TexasHoldEm Poker.

Some games expected to be sunsetted by Zynga include recent titles Zynga Bingo and Ruby Blast, as well as Indiana Jones – Adventure World. Meanwhile, the following older Facebook games all have under 100,000 DAU and could easily be on the company chopping block: PetVille, FishVille, Draw My Thing, Vampire Wars, Cupcake Corner, Pool World Champ and Gem Rush. Including the three games we already mentioned as being offline, that’s a total of 13 Facebook apps.

Correction: It’s been pointed out Zynga announced Ruby Blast would be going cross-platform during the Zynga Unleashed event back in June. As a result, we’re taking it off our list of candidates.

Update: FishVille and Treasure Isle closures were announced to players Nov. 1 — both games will be offline by Dec. 5.

An official statement from Zynga reads, “Today we announced to our players that we’re closing Treasure Isle and FishVille in the coming months in order to deliver new social games for our players to enjoy. We sincerely thank our dedicated community of players for their continued support of these games. We’re currently offering special packages for players in Treasure Isle and FishVille to help them get started in other Zynga games if they wish.”

See the full chart of titles and traffic after the jump.

The original text of this article appeared Oct. 24.