Zynga, Xbox, Adele, ‘Titanic,’ Angry Birds, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Several Zynga games made our list of top growing Facebook pages this week, with several of them growing by the millions in what seemed to be a page consolidation effort. There were several other pages on the list that also seem to have grown as a result of consolidations, as well as popular brands such as Xbox and Facebook, and popular musicians such as Adele and Bruno Mars. Pages on our list this week grew from between 630,300 to 6.5 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Pioneer Trail8,959,431+2,387+6,599,215
2. Treasure Isle7,971,164+8,352+5,748,414
3. Vampire Wars2,934,625+5,973+2,418,598
4. Xbox14,181,506+44,613+1,942,017
5. Adele14,284,615+371,370+1,581,342
6. Farkle – Best Dice Game1,544,071-130+1,527,722
7. RI MUITO1,739,681+36,050+1,014,755
8. Jeremy Irvine996,341+740,445+981,540
9. Texas HoldEm Poker56,241,575+164,877+832,923
10. Facebook59,113,739+164,295+809,774
11. Bruno Mars16,498,338+175,572+805,672
12. YouTube50,226,847+179,042+797,762
13. Titanic13,578,764+131,730+739,179
14. McDonald’s13,507,905+158,058+719,285
15. Pitbull15,283,017+161,011+708,743
16. CNBLUE784,047+899+684,894
17. Fireproof the Movie1,210,821+5,521+680,596
18. Mafia Wars18,714,106+2,558+677,845
19. The Smashing Pumpkins2,067,953+7,486+666,337
20. Angry Birds12,560,084+196,156+630,280

Zynga games with top growing pages this week included Pioneer Trail, Treasure Isle, Vampire Wars, Texas HoldEm Poker and Mafia Wars. Some of these pages grew by millions of Likes, but do not have matching Talking About This counts, which suggests the growth was the result of page consolidation. Talking About This includes the number of new Likes and other interactions with a page. Farkle – Best Dice Game is not a Zynga title, but the game saw a similar spike in Likes. Angry Birds, which is not a playable app on Facebook but a popular mobile game, has seen a steady increase in daily growth.

Musicians were also popular on our list with of them growing based off of their current popularity. Adele grew by 1.5 million Likes to reach 14.2 million after noting her recent music award nomination and posting about the death of singer Etta James. Bruno Mars and Pitbull are among the most popular musicians on Facebook and their pages continue to grow organically. The Smashing Pumpkins and Korean pop group CNBLUE seemed to have grown as the result of page consolidation since both had sharp one-day spikes in new Likes that have since leveled off.

Xbox grew 1.9 million Likes to pass 14 million, apparently because the company posted tons of promotions, such as demos, contests, prizes and more. RI MUITO is a Portuguese language comedy site that is growing quickly because of its viral images. Star of recent smash movie “War Horse” Jeremy Irvine saw big growth either from that publicity or a consolidation. FacebookYouTube and McDonald’s continue to organically gain hundreds of thousands of new fans each week. “Titanic” with its impending 3D release, is on our list once again. Wrapping it up was Fireproof the Movie, an independent film from 2008 that seems to have grown solely based on page consolidation.