Zynga Does the Job for Universal with Public Enemies Virtual Goods in Mafia Wars

In the latest announcement about a Facebook app developer working to integrate branded advertising, ZyngaUniversal and partner companies said yesterday that a week-long campaign in December for the movie Public Enemies had been a big success.

The movie stars Johnny Depp as real-life 1930’s bank robber John Dillinger. To fit this theme, the two companies, with the help of direct ad seller Appssavvy and marketing agency Ignited, created and offered Public Enemy-themed virtual goods within crime role-playing game Mafia Wars.

With nearly 23 million monthly active users on Facebook, the game is one of Zynga’s biggest; it’s also been around the longest, and is often a place where Zynga tries out new ideas. While other social app developers, including Playfish and Slide, have run branded virtual goods before, this is one of the company’s first big tests.

The results? The numbers below aren’t completely clear, and we still don’t know what really matters — how much the goods built the brand and drove movie sales — but here’s what the companies are reporting:

  • Around 55 million “interactions,” presumably meaning times that users somehow made engaged with the goods. A lot of people appear to have had meaningful engagement with the goods.
  • “Delivered by a multiple of 13, which ultimately supported the film’s Blu-ray and DVD break-out during the busy holiday season.” We’re not sure what this number refers to, but it sounds positive.
  • Stories about the goods were posted to players’ Facebook news feeds more than 7.6 million times, delivering nearly a billion viral impressions, which means that the average feed story was viewed 131 times.
  • 25,000 ‘Likes’
  • 26,000 comments on the Mafia Wars Facebook fan page.

[Image via alive not dead.]