Zynga Looks Like It’s Testing ForestVille in Canada

Like many developers, Zynga looks like it’s using Canada as a test-bed to optimize and experiment with titles before launch in the U.S. A release over the past week there suggests that the San Francisco-based company may be thinking of releasing an animal-themed city builder called ForestVille.

While the Facebook page for the game has been pulled and we can’t find the app’s page in the iTunes store, Beijing-based app tracker App Annie has logged a copy of the game’s marketing material.

In the game, it looks like players have to help a fox named Daisy establish farms and fish spots. They have to decorate their forest with natural wonders and as they progress, they can unlock new animals (not unlike many of the zoo and pet hotel games out there).

Judging by the design of the game and the fact that it’s connected to CityVille Hometown and Holidaytown, it probably doesn’t come from the Zynga With Friends or Newtoy studio, which also launched Hanging With Friends.

Zynga has been on a recent roll with mobile, bringing the number of daily active users it has on Android and iOS to 13 million, up from 11.1 million per day on average in October. However, we are still hearing that internally Zynga have even more ambitious benchmarks than that, so maybe 13 million — while respectable — isn’t good enough.

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