Zynga Bingo scores big, wins this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by DAU

Zynga Bingo took the No. 1 spot among this week’s fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users, bringing in almost 1.6 million DAU for a 757 percent increase.

Peak Games’s Lost Bubble continues to grow, taking the No. 2 position with 260,000 DAU and growing by 41 percent. Zynga’s Bubble Safari is the second bubble shooter among the top five gainers, snagging the No. 3 spot with 250,000 DAU and increasing by 37 percent. King.com’s latest “Saga” games rounded out the top five on the list: Candy Crush Saga was No. 4 with 200,000 DAU for a 13 percent gain, while Pyramid Solitaire Saga took the No. 5 position and brought in 130,000 DAU and increased by 15 percent.

Five other games on the list had growth at or above 30 percent. Syntasia’s Baseball Heroes was up by 60,000 DAU, a 200 percent increase.  Ubisoft’s House M.D.: Critical Cases grew by 30,000 DAU for a 30 percent gain. 松崗遊戲登入 (“Songgang game login”) also snagged 30,000 DAU, a 67 percent increase. Lale’s Lucky Clover brought in 24,000 DAU this week for a gain of 400 percent. Finally, Pixonic’s The Island: Castaway was up by 21,000 DAU for a 233 percent gain.

1. Zynga Bingo1,800,000+1,590,000+ 757%
2. Lost Bubble890,000+260,000+ 41%
3. Bubble Safari920,000+250,000+ 37%
4. Candy Crush Saga2,700,000+200,000+ 13%
5. Pyramid Solitaire Saga970,000+130,000+ 15%
6. Angry Birds Friends2,400,000+100,000+ 4%
7. Social Empires1,000,000+80,000+ 9%
8. Bubble Blitz630,000+60,000+ 11%
9. Baseball Heroes90,000+60,000+ 200%
10. 神馬三國150,000+50,000+ 25%
11. Wild Ones450,000+40,000+ 10%
12. Coco Girl260,000+30,000+ 4%
13. Miscrits of Volcano Island140,000+30,000+ 17%
14. House M.D.: Critical Cases130,000+30,000+ 30%
15. 松崗遊戲登入50,000+30,000+ 67%
16. Happy Pets190,000+30,000+ 6%
17. Stardoll280,000+30,000+ 12%
18. Lucky Clover30,000+24,000+ 400%
19. The Island: Castaway30,000+21,000+ 233%
20. 勇者之魂80,000+20,000+ 14%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at the fastest-growing games by daily active users later today and top emerging apps on Friday.

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