Zuckerberg Insists Facebook Isn’t a Media Company

"We build the tools, we do not produce any content."

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to know that the site is not a media company and that’s the way things will stay.

During a question and answer session with students in Italy, Zuckerberg was asked if Facebook would eventually become a news company.

“No, we are a tech company, not a media company,” replied Zuckerberg. “We build the tools, we do not produce any content. The world needs news companies, but also technology platforms, like what we do, and we take our role in this very seriously.”

Zuckerberg’s comments come at a time when Facebook is struggling with how it deals with news content. The company recently fired its Trending news staffers in a misguided attempt to remove bias from the feature. Then, just days later, Facebook’s algorithm promoted a completely false story about Megyn Kelly getting fired.

(Image: Catwalker/Shutterstock.com)

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