Zuckerberg Center of New Geeky Novel. Movie Next?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg won’t talk to best-selling author Ben Mezrich, but that won’t keep Mezrich from writing a book about the notably young social networking CEO, reports The Boston Herald. And while there have been a number of books written about Zuckerberg, author Mezrich is getting a bit of extra attention for his memoir because of his success with “Bringing Down the House,” which was about a group of MIT nerds that outsmarted Vegas Casinos.

After actor/director Kevin Spacey read the “Bringing Down the House,” he immediately contacted Mezrich and began work on the film “21,” which was based on the book. So we’re all wondering if Mezrich will be seeking similar success with his book on Facebook and its founder Zuckerberg. While Zuckerberg himself remains as private as possible, there’s still plenty of drama to flesh out a good read on Zuckerberg’s schooling at Harvard, where he founded Facebook as a hack to get girls’ student images and let other students rate them on their attractiveness.

The Boston Herald article also hints at the possibility of Mezrich’s book having reference to Zuckerberg’s inclusion in an exclusive club (akin to a secret society, only more 2.0), which is reminiscent of Facebook’s early days when the network was highly private and required a Harvard .edu email address in order to become a member. There’s also the added drama of Facebook being sued by the brothers and founders of HarvardConnect, which was a project connecting students in a similar fashion to Facebook that Zuckerberg also worked on before founding his own network.

While Facebook’s ongoing law suites regarding copyright infringement and the stealing of ideas may or may not be a part of Mezrich’s book, the fodder of Zuckerberg’s story is certainly enough to land Mezrich a reported $1 million deal. So what do you think–dramatic enough for a movie?

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