Zong SDK Lets Android App Developers Implement In-App Purchasing

Video courtesy of zongtv

A variety of studies of Android apps all seem to concur that paid Android apps have not taken hold as it has in the iPhone (iOS) eco-system. There does appear to be a reasonably healthy in-app advertising movement led by Rovio’s ultra-successful Angry Birds for Android. One revenue generation method I haven’t seen so far in Android apps is in-app purchases.

Zong appears to have a workable in-app payment system available for Android app developers.

Developers only need to install the Zong SDK into their Android application. Once this is done, users can instantly access Zong’s 1-touch payment flow. Users do not need to download anything and never need to register or log in; if they want to make a purchase from a participating merchant, all they have to do is tap one button. On the backend, Zong verifies the mobile user and clears the charge through the carrier.

In-app purchases have been a successful revenue generation tool for iPhone (and iPad) app developers. Some iPhone app developers have even switched from paid apps to free apps with in-app purchasing. It remains to be seen if Android users will accept in-app purchases. But, if they do, there is now at least one method to implement it.

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