Yuki Noguchi New Business Technology Editor

From the announcement:

    We are delighted to announce that Yuki Noguchi will be the Business section’s Technology Editor, replacing Leslie Walker. Leslie accepted the Post’s early retirement offer but agreed to help us out until the end of December. It has been wonderful having Leslie as an editor, and we will miss her. Yuki’s strong vision for technology coverage makes her the right person to join with Sam Diaz to lead our talented and creative technology reporting team.

    Over the past six years, Yuki has covered a wide range of tech issues. She came to the Post in 1999 to cover business in Prince George’s County, but the next year moved to the local telecom beat, developing an expertise in the fast growing wireless communications business. For the last year and a half, she has been writing about consumer technology and tech culture with a rare eye for how they are changing society. She has delivered a steady stream of delightful stories on avatar dopplegangers, the second life of online memorials, people who make Internet riches 3 cents at a time from Google ads, and teens and tech. She recently worked with Ellen Nakashima to cover the Hewlett-Packard spy scandal.

    Of course, some people at the Post know her better as the swing dancing beat reporter.

    Before coming to the Post, Yuki worked at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Washington Bureau and The Orlando Sentinel. She graduated from Yale University. Please join us in welcoming Yuki to her new job, which she plans to start in January.