YouTube Vets Rule Comedy Week

FineBros, Ryan Higa, Lonely Island Score Big View Numbers

Last week YouTube hosted its first Comedy Week, an experimental programming stunt of sorts. And while it's hard to say if there were any smash hits, the platform proved to be a hotbed of unique comedy talent with huge followings. And perhaps not surprisingly, it was the veteran YouTubers who scored the biggest view numbers. Ryan Higa, the Fine Bros. and Lonely Island all cracked the top ten (though Sarah Silverman closed strong). And watch out for ConvosWith2YrOld, a new entry that generated nearly 3 million views in just a week.

Here's the full list of leaders, courtesy of Visible Measures.

1. YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning

The FineBros

Views: 5,938,960


2. Google Glass Human


Views: 3,364,936


3. Convos With My 2 year Old – Episode 1


Views: 2,971,942


4. The Lonely Island – SEMICOLON (feat. Solange)



Views: 2,468,792


5. What kind of Asian are you?


Views: 1,786,970


6. My Dad is Asian Ep. 3


Views: 1,298,863


7. Reggie Watts — Reggie Rolled –

YouTube Comedy Week

Reggie Watts

Views: 1,172,202


8. Guitar Warfare (feat. FreddieW)


Views: 874,651


9. Sarah Silverman's Perfect Night featuring — YouTube Comedy Week


Views: 736,626


10. Start A Mumford Band! Key of Awesome #71

Barely Political

Views: 700,425