YourMinis – Personalized Dashboard

Looks like Goowy have made one more interesting Flash based project, which is personalized startpage with wide range of features. is a personalized dashboard of minis (mini applications, also known as widgets) that let you perform specific tasks, and get information and features from all over the web in one place. You can configure minis to see your email, check the weather, watch youtube videos, search the web, browse flickr photos, read news and rss feeds, save notes & to dos, listen to music, and much, much more.

yourminis blog

Basically it is one more player in field full of sharks (Netvibes, PageFlakes etc.) and I don’t think it will have big popularity, But yourminis gives a fresh look how to use Flash and how to build startpages and web based widgets. I’m with interest watching how Goowy and now yourminis is developing because they are showing new ways haw to use Flash and build great web applications – good work guys!

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