You’re Too Nice To Be A Boss

flickr: Oskars

Craving that power and responsibility? Maybe you’re applying for management positions because that’s what’s open and yeah, you had a couple staffers and an intern under you at your last gig.

But do you have the personality to be a boss? says that if you can’t draw the line between personal and professional, you may not be cut out for it. For example, if your sympathy for an underling who’s got an ill parent gets in the way of firing her when she’s underperforming on the job, you’re not good at separating personal and professional.

That seems a little heartless to us, but guess it’s bidness. The same article cites a study saying that “management types” are born, not made, and are generally “less agreeable.”

Dissenting opinions? Someone tell us the best boss they ever had was also the nicest. Come on, we want some happy.