Your ‘Safest Man to Have Sex With in America’ Pitch Can Only Work So Many Times

That “safest man” would be Ramin Bastani, founder of “an STD app” called Hula which helps users find the most convenient place to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The tagline is “Hula helps you get laid”, so the messaging is anything but subtle.

We get it—and based on the search results for the phrase in our headline, we can safely say the pitch worked.

Here’s our take: it’s an innovative product (we never would have recognized the demand) and an intriguing subject line. But Fast Company and Forbes already ran with the man’s nickname back in October, so anyone with an Internet connection can quickly discover the fact that the story’s been covered.

The intro for this blog interview with Mr. Bastani claims he was “Branded ‘The Safest Man To Have Sex With In America” by Forbes recently”, but that’s not quite true. From the Fast Company story:

“…at a Health 2.0 conference earlier this month, he was introduced to the crowd as the ‘safest man to have sex with in America,’ and the title has stuck.”

That’s successful marketing. His girlfriend may, in his own words, “[hate] that one”, but the firm representing him obviously loves it.

All we’re saying is: time to stop pitching writers with the same catchphrase. It worked; congratulations. Now find another angle.