Your Resume, Your iPhone…Not So Much

Our friend Jane Turkewitz reviewed a new iPhone app, RESUME PRO, that takes info you input and turns it into a mobile resume/PDF.

Her verdict? Meh.

“There’s no prompt for accomplishments…which is a pretty big faux pas in my book. If I’m a marketing manager, I’m going to have the same responsibilities as another marketing manager at the company next door. What differentiates me from him are my accomplishments.

…To test the program out, I did not do an elaborate resume. I filled in a bit of information to see how it would work and how the program flows. I found it extremely tedious and time consuming…I just can’t imagine ANYONE writing an entire resume on a phone!”

To make matters worse, the software is crashy (though developer Vurgood Apps promises they’re fixing the issue) and doesn’t feature a spell check. And since it auto-formats the resume, you have no control over how the final product looks (some people cite this as an advantage, actually, since you don’t have to worry about tweaking it yourself)

My question is, what’s the advantage of doing this on your phone? All it seems to do is generate a nicely-formatted PDF of info you put into it, which you can then e-mail to anyone, including yourself. Aren’t there web sites out there that will convert a Word doc to a PDF free?

If you do want to try the app out (maybe you want to write your resume on the train/on a boat/in a cave?), it’s $1.99 from the App Store.