Young People: The News is Exhausting Us!

children tv.bmpThe AP has conducted a “global anthropological study” that examined how “young people” consume the news. (At least young people in Britain, India and the United States, young people in places like, say, China and Myanmar still enough have problems getting news that consumption of it has yet to develop into a problem.) According to the study,

Among the key findings was that the young subjects of the study experienced news fatigue, meaning they were overloaded with facts and updates and had trouble connecting to more in-depth stories. Participants yearned for quality and in-depth reporting, but had difficulty immediately accessing such content.
Some other stuff they discovered was that: consumers want depth but aren’t getting it, news is multitasked, news is connected to e-mail, news takes work but creates social currency, which, on the whole, if you switch out just a few words, sort of sounds like a sum-up of dating life in New York. Anyway, the authors have recommended that “news producers develop easier ways for readers to discover in-depth content and to avoid repetitious updates of breaking news.” So maybe some sort of news chip embedded directly into our brain is on the way.