Young Landmarks

Young Landmarks

young landmarks

I received this invitation last week, and considering my persistent grousing about modernist preservation, I was happy to see it. Apparently, this organization (with a very society heavy list of benefactors and patrons) is a part of New York Landmarks Conservancy that’s focused on “celebrating the city’s modern landmark buildings.” They’re kicking things off with a benefit cocktail party on the terrace at the Lever House on Thursday June 2.

You can call the conservancy for more info: 212.995.5260.


The invite, designed by Side Designs, is very groovy and modernist, but I have to say I’m a bit irked that their publicity approach overall is just not terribly modern. You’re looking at images of the invite via my lameass photography skills because there is not one damn thing about the event or the initiative online anywhere. Google searches on “young landmarks” and any related phrases turned up nothing. The NY Landmarks site? Not a peep. There isn’t even anything listed on their event calendar. The domain names and .org were not registered. (I went ahead and did just that.) Considering that there is a pretty vocifierous community online engaged in conversation about this very topic, it seems like a major oversight and a missed opportunity. I’m pointing it out because it’s an issue with a lot of different conservancy and/or charity organizations that I’ve encountered and, well, it should be addressed.