You Write (So I Don’t Have To)

You Write (So I Don't Have To)

35.jpgAt some point (soon I think) I’m going to stop being giddy every time I get a reader tip. As it stands now, I get giddy. Soon enough, this will all be old hat, much to the relief of my friends too – They are all being subjected to a lot of emails and IM’s along the lines of “Didja read it? Huh? Huh?” or “Did you see my post about [blah de blah].” Ah, the blush of blog youth.

A lot of stuff in the Blogosphere is new to me, because, well, it is. This is my first foray into blog land, and I am thrilled to have a more productive outlet for my nuanced (read: obsessive) Google skills. It’s clear to me that something I look at with fresh wonder (cue angel music here) will be old hat to other sites. For instance, the Japanese fruit juice pacakaging was blogged about on Gizmodo waaaay back in June. So, Gizmodo, I tip my hat to you.

On to reader feedback:

The image posted here was pulled from this link sent to me by reader Sergej Rinc, who is apparently a Master Consultant for Web Integration.* He wrote:

this was a three minutes task. Google, image search for “banana juice”, 2nd picture, find blog entry, via elbewerk, via Gizmodo, via SorobanGeeks, entering “fruit” in ‘Recherche’ search field (OK, I’ve tried juice, banana and third fruit), link Touchez ce que vous buvez, link to BP is unusable (same as from all other links) but then in forum (29 messages) I’ve found:

[Editors note: the link I posted above]

which is a link to gallery image of all packages by (some) firm. I’m most curious how kivi package feels ;-).

And my French or even Japanese is no better than yours :-))). Maybe I should leave current job and start offering search services :-). Finding exhibitor’s name won’t be free … must go |-(.


Sergej Rinc, Master Consultant for Web Integration

Serej, I too am curious about the Kiwi package and respectfully suggest to you: don’t quit your day job.

Andrew Hearst, of the sparkly new blog Panopticist was a font of design related links yesterday evening. I’m not going to give it all up right this very minute, but one very amusing link he sent me, (with the caveat “This is awesome, but I think it already got circulated a lot in the design
world a year or two ago”) was to an episode of Behind the Typeface, chronicling the history of Cooper Black in the same tradition that VH1 would profile, say, Britney Spears. You need Flash for to view Behind the Typeface and it’s a little long, but worth it, I feel.

Now I am off to caffeinate and come up with some fine fresh content for you.

*This title, along with his curious domain extention (.ws) has been the source of IM speculation by my domain name expert pal. More information on this as soon as I’m able to extract it from him.