You, Us and Yamashiro

It’s been a while since we’ve gathered with other design types over here on the West Coast, so next Monday we’re rectifying that with a few cocktails and what we’ll venture to call the best view in LA.

Like the miniature house atop a tiered layer cake, Yamashiro sits high above the klieg lights of Hollywood on a perfectly tapered hill. The bonafide palace was built by the Bernheimer brothers in 1914 to house their Japanese antiquities–which was ransacked and vandalized during World War II when locals thought it was a Japanese outpost (classy, America)–and is detail-perfect down to the koi ponds and traditional public gardens. Come early to see the sunset out the west-facing windows, then run back to the east windows to catch the first flickers of neon from the theaters below. Stay late and we’ll let you share our extra-large Sapporo.

LA Design Party
Monday, August 14
7:00 to 9:00pm
Yamashiro, in the Skyview Room

RSVP, directions and details all here.