You play hardball all year…why not toss ’em a softball once in a while?

Look, we get it. You’re a media badass, throwin’ heat over the plate, day in and day out:

What did the president know, and when did she know it?!” you bark, like the utterly ferocious media-type you are.

But by the time summer rolls around, you’re ready for a softball or two.

Our solution: Don’t write a puff piece.

Instead, join me and dozens of other out-of-shape, picked next-to-last-in-gym-class media professionsals as we drink cold suds, run the bags and vie for the mediabistro west Softball League cup.

7 pm. West Hollywood. Starting August 9th.

For what you’d pay to go to the movies a couple of times, you’ll get swing the bat in four nights of fun (fully umpired), a comemorative mediabistro softball T shirt, and an end-of-season beer and pizza blow-out the likes of which you’ve probably seen before.

So what say, ‘bistro denizens? I say: Play ball!

(Space is extremely limited, so don’t be a benchwarmer. *** Early Bird Special Alert: Price goes up by $10 on June 15!*** See you there!)