‘You Can Take Your Desk’: Tuscon PR Firm Fires Staff, Rehires As Contractors

Well here’s an, er, creative cost-cutting measure: A Tuscon, Arizona-based PR firm has fired 88 percent of its staff and rehired them as contractors. LP&G principal Leslie Perls says revenue’s plummeted and the company simply can’t afford to keep their employees on—they’re also moving out of their historic downtown building.

The company’s trying to be generous with the little it has—it’s letting employees take their desks and computers. But since they’ve got to move out of their office anyway, the other way you can look at it is&$151;free moving.

Cindy Jordan-Nowe, lead strategist at LP&G, graciously agreed to answer some of our questions, and she sees it a bit differently than other media outlets have reported it.

“I see my friends working at other agencies going through weekly layoffs. That is a slow death that eventually kills the work product. This was our way of doing it differently,” she told us.

“We are all doing the same stuff just not coming into a high-rent situation to do it. I still meet with clients every week, etc. All of us were given ALL the necessary equipment to handle a home office (computer, desks, papers, electronics – thousands of dollars worth). The majority of us already have contracts in place and good workloads. We negotiated a great health plan ($60 a month) and most
importantly we are still working together…Personally, I have never felt more loved and valued by an employer through a hard situation. AND I’m thankful I will not be in the unemployment line.”

Well, if it works, it works, and we’re glad about the health plan, as our sister blog PRNewser had estimated that healthcare would have cost these folks a lot more.