You Can Now Search for Any Public Facebook Post in History

It’s a good thing that Facebook now allows users to edit posts long after they go live, because the site’s latest upgrade means that every single public post and status update from its beginnings way back in 2004 is now searchable by anyone.

While the new “Graph Search” elements will allow users to do mildly amusing things like check out all the latest status updates from D.C.’s National Mall or figure out whether any of their friends have ever posted Seinfeld clips, it will also allow any random person to review a given user’s entire Facebook history—and you’d be surprised how many people haven’t customized their privacy settings.

Here’s how the new change could affect PR:

  • It will allow for more in-depth research if needed, because you can exhaustively pore over the history of a potential client/person of interest
  • You can more accurately gauge the public’s perception of a given topic, company or personality
  • Reputation management projects may be even harder for clients with sketchy posting histories, because now you have nearly a decade’s worth of material to review

We should note that each of these points would be irrelevant if not for the fact that quite a few Facebook users have never made their profiles private, thereby leaving their interests and opinions online for the whole world to see.

How much difference will this change make?