YnetNews Stumbles With Awkward ‘Jew’ Headlines

Yikes. Here’s an example of an article that if it were published domestically, would perhaps incite reader anger for its clumsy and awkward framing of an undeniable statistical issue.

Examining the fact that Jewish individuals reportedly make up one-quarter of the wealthiest 400 in the United States, YnetNews–the English-language sister website of Israel’s Ynet portal–headlines its piece “How Did American Jews Get So Rich?” There are also generic stock photos of the NYSE trading floor and a group of men captioned, respectively, “Wall Street: Many Jews” and “Hollywood: Many Jews.”

Article author Tani Goldstein likely had nothing to do with the choice of headline and photo captions. In print and even more so on the web, section editors are always trying to goose up incoming traffic with catchy, provocative framing.

But even if the intent with the very poorly chosen photos was humorous, the results are heckle-worthy. The website should have taken its cue from an earlier article this year by Goldstein on the same topic, more sensibly headlined as “Why Are Jews Considered So Rich?