Yet Another Person Thinks Almost No Theater Critics in LA is Bad

James Sims also takes issue with the axing of those poor souls that made a living enduring Glengarry Glen Ross redux remixes – re-imagined and Rent with American Sign Language and/or Bollywood inspiration.

How could we possibly sift through all the crap that was too crappy to be on TV so it ended up in LA theater?

Dunno. Either does Sims, he’s still in the shocked phase.

I have a strong desire to continue speaking up on behalf of my hometown to those I run across here in New York. To tell these Broadway aficionados that Los Angeles has immense potential and they should not write it off just yet. But without a strong critical core acting as gatekeepers there, I fear this transplanted Angelino might have merely fumes left to fuel my argumentative flames.

Yeah, arguing with New Yorkers about LA theater? Horrible pastime. Good calorie burn though.