Year In Review: Bad News Edition

What a great year to be a journalist, right?!?

Oh right: Not so much.

There has been a great deal of bad news in the journalism industry over the last year.

Join us after the jump for our depressing look back…

Big Announcement At WaPo Tomorrow?

More On Today’s Big Post Day

A Rough Day For The NYT

“Morning Joe” Slipping

Another Journo Heads To The Unemployment Line

Troubled Times in LAT’s DC Bureau

Willman And The LATimes Buyout

LA Times Reacts To Buyout Reports

“Tucker”: Canceled

Weymouth: Post “Regrettably” Forced To Offer More Buyouts

“Bloodbath” At Voice of America?

The Story With The Post Buyout Packages

Maralee Schwartz Leaving WaPo

Desson Thomson: Gone

Post Buyout Update: Summers Out

Carlson, O’Brian Taking Buyout

Nicholls Taking The Buyout

More Layoffs Expected This Week At The Washington Times

UPDATE: Washington Times Layoffs

UPDATED: Washington Times Layoffs

Post Buyouts Update

UPDATE: Washington Times Layoffs

30 Layoffs Later, Solomon Tells Staffers, “You are the team we are moving forward with”

NPR Is Seeing A “Serious Slowdown In The Sponsorship Market” … Looks To Identify Cuts

Deb Heard Takes The Buyout

Kornheiser Takes The Buyout

Is Downie…Gone?!?

More Post Buyouts

Leiby, Squires Take the Buyout

Post Buyouts Update

Even More Buyout News

Weymouth On “Sea Change We Are Undergoing”

Stephen Barr: Gone!

Laura Sessions Stepp: Out!

WaPo Says Goodbye

Postie Buyouts Say Farewell At Stoney’s

Lynne Duke Says Goodbye…Dramatically

Post Says Goodbye To Buyout Takers

NYT, WaPo Raise Prices Cuts Back On Online Chats

How Will LA Times Layoffs Affect D.C. Bureau?

Another One Bites The Dust

Well, At Least One Brauchli Had A Good Month

Gazette Layoffs

More On Gazette Layoffs

WaTimes Outsources Printing To Baltimore Sun…Cuts Expected At Washington Times

Dorobek’s Gone…Is Federal Computer Week Dying?

Another DC Bureau Suffers

Kaplan: “We’re the men and women who cover politics in Washington … and we’re disappearing fast.”

Gazette Layoffs, Cont’d

Layoffs At Chronicle Of Higher Ed

Even Cartoon Journalists Get The Blues

Reporters May Be Getting Laid Off Left And Right, But At Least They’re Eating Well

Layoffs at Sirius XM Radio

Posties: You’re Sick?!? Deal With It

City Paper Lays Off Valdez

UPDATE: Tribune Changes

Time, Inc. Announces Restructuring

WaPo Earnings Plummet

The LA Times: Basically Without A DC Bureau

BREAKING: U.S. News & World Report Going Monthly

NaGeo Troubles

Tribune’s Crewdson, Fang, Hedges, Madhani Laid Off

Willman Out At LA Times

More LA Times Departures IN DC…

Howell: 900 Subscribers Cancelled Washington Post In Past Month, Thanks To Bias

More on Tribune’s DC Woes

Sunny Side Down For LA Times’ DC Bureau

USA Today To Trim Staff By 20

Bye Bye Bureaus

Journalists Need A Bailout, Too

Black Thursday at NBC News

NPR Ponders Budget Cuts

Tribune Files For Bankruptcy: Zell’s Letter

LaSalla Takes NBC’s Buyout

NPR Layoffs Looming?

NPR’s Trimmed Sails and the Future: The Staff Announcement

NPR Laying off 64

NPR Layoffs: The Press Release

WaPo News

It’s A Black Friday For Politicker