Yammer’s New Login Button & Java API

The ever popular social network for business, Yammer, launched in September 2008, recently announced that it is extending its platform across the network by unveiling Yammer Connect.

The platform’s new addition includes social plug-ins that companies can use to connect their business applications and intranet to Yammer as well as add Yammer feeds to the tools. The aim of releasing the plug-ins is to enhance connectivity across the enterprise so that companies can extend Yammer’s social functionality across the applications that their employees are already using.

With an open API, Yammer extends its core functionality to custom built or existing applications. Yammer developers can now access resources that make it easier to integrate business applications with Yammer and also make Yammer feeds more flexible.

“The new tools we are introducing will allow companies and developers to incorporate Yammer into other applications in a more meaningful way that enables employees to readily share and discover information,” said David Sacks, Yammer CEO and founder, in a press release.

The JavaScript API helps developers transform existing business applications into social, personalized experiences by incorporating Yammer profiles, message feeds and the corporate social graph. All of the Yammer Connect plug-ins are built on the Yammer JavaScript API, and developers can create their own custom plug-ins using the documentation.

The Login Button and the Yammer JavaScript API are available now. The basic version of Yammer is free. Additional fees are required for administrative and security control, priority customer service and dedicated success managers cost more. Yammer has some three million corporate users and 80% of Fortune 500 companies use the enterprise social network.

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