Yale on Their Dean of Architecture’s Presidential Library Job


As we reported, the big hot news last week was Robert A.M. Stern being chosen as the architect to design the George W. Bush Presidential Library at Southern Methodist University. Well, in our knowing that Stern also moonlights as the Dean of Architecture at a little school called Yale, we wondered if the school paper might have something on Stern, getting some quotes out of him, as well as some additional details. And right we were. Here’s some:

Stern has designed other structures in Dallas and has visited SMU before. He said he hopes to construct buildings at SMU that will both honor the campus’ traditional style and create their own architectural statement.

“The balance between being a neighbor and a part of the SMU campus and designing a new building with its own character will be one of the hardest jobs I’ll have to tackle, but I’m constantly thinking about it,” Stern said.

Still with this “will it be or won’t it be SMU?” garbage. Just give it up already.