Yahoo!s Call For Stories About Being Jobless Forced Them To Hire More Staff

In late June, Yahoo!’s The Lookout blog asked readers to share their stories of being jobless for 6 months or more.

The resulting flood of submissions meant that Yahoo needed to hire another staffer to wade through all the emails, The Lookout says.

That just means there are a heck of a lot of jobless folks out there.

Yahoo! compiled some of the best* submissions in a post that went up earlier today.

Some major themes: “sadness, anxiety, anger, shame, and despair, but sometimes also humor, generosity, and a quintessentially American determination to roll with the punches.”

Here’s one, from a woman who said she often offered to let people cut ahead of her in line at the grocery store, because she knew that paying with her WIC checks would hold up the line:
“A few times I offered to let someone cut because ‘this is going to take a while,'” she wrote. “[B]ut they say, ‘No, it’s okay. I’m on WIC, too, so I understand.'”

Another reader said that s/he went to apply for a job where the employer gave out raffle tickets in order to deal with the application crush. As in, if you don’t get a winning raffle ticket, you’re not allowed to apply. This, we think, should be illegal.

And the Yahoo post, thankfully, ends on a high note, with people who have found the silver lining in this black cloud of an economy: one reader said after moving across the country, having their car repossessed and going on public assistance, he was “inspired by my wife and am now an entrepreneur. Scary how quick life changes.”

Tell us your success stories in the comments or by email, or go tell Yahoo (maybe they’ll hire yet another email sorter).

*This is perhaps not the right word for stories about unemployment causing marriages to fall apart and destroying lives….