Yahoo!/GetJar Mobile App Search: Broken?

Discovering new apps is not an easy task for any mobile platform (though some have better mechanisms than others). ReadWriteWeb reported that Yahoo! teamed up with mobile app catalog site GetJar to provide mobile app search results when using Yahoo!’s mobile portal site

Yahoo Debuts Mobile App Search, Courtesy of GetJar

Here are the results from my quick test:

– HTC HD7 (Windows Phone 7): Searched for “barcode reader”. No results. This is not unexpected since Microsoft is providing app installations only from its own online market.

– Apple iPhone (iOS 4.1): Searched for “barcode reader”. One app hit for an app that is available for Android and iPhone. Apple only provides app purchases through the iTunes App Store. So, this result is also expected.

– Nexus One (Android OS 2.2): Searched for “barcode reader”. Only a single result appeared. This was somewhat unexpected. GetJar’s desktop site provides several results using the same search term (and setting my device to Nexus One). I tried a second search term “racing games” on Yahoo!’s mobile site. Zero apps were identified for this search. The same search phrase on results in several web pages of results.

Mobile app searching through Yahoo!’s mobile portal looks seriously broken at the moment. I suggest using Android Market on your Android phone or on a desktop computer.