Yahoo! Won’t Staff Up Like AOL

Forbes interviewed Yahoo! media VP Jimmy Pitaro about the portal’s attempts to create massive amounts of content via its purchases of Associated Content and The Upshot. Most of the interview was discussing the practice of using algorithms to decide what to write about, but Pitaro did get asked a question about Yahoo’s hiring plans.

Writer Lacey Rose asked Pitaro whether Yahoo will hire at a similar rate as AOL, which now has well over 1,500 writers on its payroll. Pitaro said “No.”

No, we will not be hiring hundreds of people. Our focus is on identifying the top talent and bringing them on. Maybe there are hundreds of people that would qualify, but each individual that we bring on needs to provide an attractive return on investment. When we hired this team of writers for The Upshot, we put together an operating model and presented the company with the team’s expected return.

On a totally different note, when can we start describing AOL and Yahoo! as content farms? It’s so much more fun than “portal.”