Yahoo Will Release 1,000 Hours of Web Video on Sept. 9

Portal takes a cue from Netflix by encouraging binging

Watch out, Netflix—Yahoo has an eye on your turf.

The internet giant on Tuesday boasted that it will make more than 5,000 videos—1,000 hours of content in all—available en masse on Sept. 9. The trove will include most of the episodes from Yahoo's fall comedy programming, but the full library of Saturday Night Live will surely make up the bulk of the material. The move resembles Netflix's approach to original programming, where full seasons of original shows await hungry binge viewers.

Yahoo introduced the Web comedies during its NewFront presentation in April. The eight shows are Losing It with John Stamos, Tiny Commando, We Need Help, Ghost Ghirls, The Fuzz, SketchY!, The Flip Side and Sports Friends.

The first five series listed above are new programs. Ed Helms, known for his work in The Office and The Hangover, is a co-creator of Tiny Commandos, and Community's Gillian Jacobs stars in the show.

In addition to the full SNL library, clips from the current season will be available online, Yahoo said.

"By offering nearly all episodes of eight shows at once, Yahoo's Fall Comedy Lineup marks the first time an advertising-supported distribution platform – online/digital or otherwise — will launch this volume of new content all at once for viewers," Yahoo said in its release.

Below is a trailer for Tiny Commando: